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Supreme Court ALLOWS POTUS’ Travel Restriction
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Trump Pence Make America Great Again


President Trump just had a major victory over the globalist Left.

The Supreme Court is ALLOWING the President’s executive order restricting travel from countries compromised by terrorism to go into full effect - handing our sovereignty back to the United States of America.

This huge victory for the American people is all thanks to YOU -- the supporters who ELECTED President Trump and ensured Justice Neil Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

We’re on a winning streak, Friend, and we need you to help us keep winning. Contribute now to help us keep fighting the Left as we MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!


This massive victory for American security comes just after President Trump boldly withdrew our country from the U.N.’s dangerous, irresponsible Global Compact on Migration - undoing yet another one of Obama’s decisions to surrender our borders to globalist powerbrokers.

But with President Trump at the helm, America is taking back control of our own borders. We are putting America FIRST.

Contribute just $1 now to help us keep obliterating the destructive liberal agenda.

Thank you and MAGA,




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